How do I connect my iphone games to Facebook?

Facebook Connect has exploded on iPhone and is used for almost everything. If you're not familiar with it, Facebook Connect allows apps and services to use your Facebook account information in really cool ways. Sometimes this means letting an iPhone app publish stuff to your Facebook profile, but other times it leverages your Facebook friends to do some really interesting things, like play games.

Words With Friends

by Zynga

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Words With Friends is the ultimate Scrabble game to play with friends. It is versatile, allowing you to play against anyone with an iDevice, Android or computer. It offers push notification when it is your turn to move and highlights the last move. Challenge your Facebook and Twitter friends or even suggest a game with people on your contact list. It offers both a free and paid version.

Movies by Flixster, with Rotten Tomatoes

by Flixster

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Rate and review films directly to Facebook and create a list of movies you want to see. See how your friends have rated movies and then go criticize them about their ridiculous ratings. And this is just the Facebook Connect portion of the app. It's also a fully featured movies app.

Live Poker by Zynga

by Zynga

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This is the most popular Texas Hold'Em Poker App on Facebook; you can play against your friends or strangers live. The app works great on both 3G and WIFI. They also offer Tournaments and Sit-N-Go games. Leaderboards post your stats and those of your friends.

Bejeweled 2 + Blitz

by PopCap

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Participate with your Facebook friends in a weekly Bejeweled tournament. Play by connecting three or more jewels at a time within one minute. After playing, your score is added to the scoreboard so you can see your current ranking. This is a great app if you have a few minutes to kill.

Doodle Jump

by Lima Sky

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Lots of apps let you update your high scores to Twitter and/or Facebook, but this one is among the most addictive. When you get a new high score, the feeling of pride is overwhelming and thus belongs on your Facebook wall.


by Burbn, Inc.

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Instagram is a fun way to post photos and share a photo stream with friends. Dubbed as a "life sharing app", it will upload and post on Facebook, Twitter or email. It also can mark location for checking in. It is easy to follow friends and scroll through their images.


by Foursquare Labs, Inc.

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Foursquare is a great little app for checking in on Facebook while also seeing and reading what those who ventured before you posted. It uses your location to find local events, restaurants, coffee shops and entertainment and allows you to take notes and add photos and also add a location to a to-do list. It is easy to use and fun as a quick "I am here" app.

Flight Control

by Firemint Pty Ltd

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This game lets you take the role of Air Traffic Controller, directing aircraft to land safely at a virtual airport. Unlike the real job, this will not put you to sleep. Each level increases traffic and the challenge. Just like Doodle Jump, this app lets you update your high score to Facebook and is also among the more addictive apps in the App Store.

Millionaire City

by Digital Chocolate, Inc.

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Become wealthy beyond your wildest dreams as a virtual CEO in Millionaire City. With a creative interface and many choices this game is addictive. Build your business with friends, buy and sell property and products. Millionaire City boasts over 12 million active users a month.

FarmVille by Zynga

by Zynga

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No Facebook list would be complete without mentioning FarmVille. This top Facebook app has both an iPad and iPhone version. Live the country life, planting crops and raising livestock with friends. Join in on Co-op Farming projects and help your neighbors.

How do I get my games to connect to Facebook?

Finding and playing games on Facebook.
Tap in the top right of Facebook..
Tap Games..
Tap Play at the top of the screen..
Scroll down to find a game..
Once you find the game you want to play, tap Play..

What happened to my games on Facebook 2022?

In a statement published on Sunday, the company reiterated that much of the functionality of the app will be transferred to the main Facebook app. “Beginning on 28 October 2022, the Facebook Gaming app for iOS and Android will no longer be available,” the statement from the Facebook Gaming team read.

How do I allow Apps to connect to Facebook?

Tap in the top right of Facebook. Scroll down and tap Settings. Tap Apps and Websites. Tap Logged in with Facebook.